Teflon (PTFE)


PTFE is a polymer which is extensively used in Chemical, Mechanical, Electronic & Electrical industries due to its unique characteristics:


  • Chemical inertness to all known chemicals however attacked by molten alkali metals, chlorine, trifluorides, fluorine & related fluorine complexes at elevated temperatures & pressures
  • Resistance to solvents, insoluble in all solvents up to 260°C. Certain high fluorinated oils swell & dissolve PTFE at temperature close to crystalline melting point.
  • Wide operating temperature range -250°C to +260°C, at atmospheric pressure
  • Lowest coefficient of friction among all known metals & non metals
  • Non toxic & anti stick properties/Negligible water absorption/Nonflammable
  • Resistance to radiation : electrical properties remain practically unchanged during & after irradiation, both in air & vaccum
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • Outstanding electrical/insulating properties over wide frequency range



Chemical Process Industries

1. Rods, Bushes, Sheets & Tubes

2. Expansion joints – Line Bellows, Valve bellows, PTFE+GFT Composite bellows, Custom bellows

3. Gaskets – Envelope, Ready cut Gaskets, Universal Rope Gaskets, Fused joint – circular – elliptical equipment envelope gaskets

4. Mechanical Packing – Chevron packings, O/V/D/U Rings, Cup Seals

5. Valve& Pump Components – Ball Seats, Stem Seals, Body Seals, Plug Sleeves, Diaphrams, Balls

6. Laboratory Ware – Beakers, Plug cocks, Tubes

7. Thread Seal Tapes


Mechanical Industries

1. Liners for machine tools guideways & slideways

2. Piston Rings / Sodium Itched Sheet

3. Low load high speed bush bearings

4. Guidebands & piston seals for hydraulic & machines Pneumatic actuators / seals

5. Thin walled tubings

6. Hystersis – Friction washers for clutches


Electrical & Electronic Industries

1. PTFE Sintered insulation tape for insulation

2. PTFE films for capacitor

3. Chemically treated – Insulator bushes for traction

4. PTFE Brush Holder


Glass Lined Vessels Spares

1. Mainhole eleptical gaskets, Body flange gaskets, flush bottom valve seat, ‘T’ Bushes, Sight glass Bush Ring

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