Encapsulated O-Rings


A Teflon encapsulated o-ring is a chemically resistant seal used in industry to prevent passage of corrosive fluids or gases. It is made of two components : (1) A Teflon encapsulation (i.e. jacket or covering), and (2) an elastomer (i.e. rubber) care material, which is completely enclosed within the encapsulation.

Advantage of using encapsulated O-Rings:

1) High chemical resistance due to the FEP/PFA encapsulation.

2) Continuous service temperature: FEP 400F/204C, PFA 500F/360C

3) Anti-adhesive properties / non-stick surface.

4) Sterilizable-F.D.A and USP Class VI compliant.

5) Low vapor permeability and minimal water absorption.

6) Low compression set

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