About Us

Our Company

Every day at disoreq, we renew our commitment to a culture of continuous improvement in the engineering, design and manufacturing of Seals, Gaskets, Hoses, Elastomer Parts and Plastic Parts.

The spirit that binds disoreq is one of teamwork : Common Goasl, Share Enthusiasm for Problem Solving; and a Passionate, Company-Wide Belief that We Can Always Make A Positive Difference.

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One Stop Component Supplier

Disoreq offers the convenience of end-to-end manufacturing solutions, complete with an integrated supply chain management system. Always seeking to understand individual customers’ needs, we adapt internal structures to cater to their specific requirements.
We support the full integration of our supply chain management by providing comprehensive services ranging from designing, prototype development, materials sourcing, manufacturing and shipping to providing technical support, stocking and training.

A Commitment to Customer Support

“It’s not only new products and services that provide competitive advantage, but also new idea in every area… and the source of new ideas is PEOPLE. Our success means strong focus on customers and product base to ensure customers’ satisfaction and support” – Disoreq Sdn Bhd

Disoreq offers comprehensive technical assistance and support which customers need to meet specific applications and emerging needs. Through an efficient supply chain and stocking policy, we are committed to bringing you on time delivery.

Core Business Areas

  • Original Equipment Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Equipment
  • Petrochemical
  • Marine
  • Ship Building
  • Semiconductor / Chip Manufacturing
  • Food and Pharmaceutical

Growing Distribution Network

Disoreq Malaysia will continue aggressively expand operations in the region. This is to ensure that we are able to meet changing customer’s needs and provide an efficient chain of delivery at economic costs.